Republic Day Indian Flag Coloring Pages

Republic Day Indian Flag Coloring Pages has tow images. One is of Indian National Flag Tiranga and the other is the map of India. This coloring pages is a republic day greeting card. National flag of India is known as Tiranga as it has three colors in it. The uppermost color is saffron for sacrifice. The middle one white and is for peace and harmony. The bottom-most color is green. Green color signifies peace and greenery. There is one wheel at the center of the flag in white strip. It signifies Ashoka Chakra, i.e., the wheel of Emperor Ashoka, who was Indian Emperor. Ashoka Chakra is also an award given for bravery. You can print this Happy Republic Day Indian Flag Coloring Pages and color it with the colors of your choice. You can be creative as well. For example, color Map of India with tricolors – saffron, white and green colors, the colors of Indian National Flag. You can also color this flag according to geographical regions of India, according to food, according to climate, etc. Choice is all yours. Wish you a Very Happy Republic Day 2012. Jai Hind! Vande Matram!

Republic Day Indian Flag Coloring Pages for Kids

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